Store in the historic center of Rome,shipping around the world with real availability and updated products and with our e-commerce website for model makers,we offer thousands of items in the online catalog for all ours customers.Static wooden model kits,scale boats,ships and sailboats,construction plans and drawings for boats and ships,ancient and modern.Assembly kit for buildings,objects,animals,trams and buses,wooden models.Assembly kits,the best brands for display models like Amati,Corel,Mantua,Panart,Sergal,Mamoli,Artesania Latina,Billing Boats,Occre.If you want an assembly kit,we can provide materials and assistance and advice from part of our knowledgeable staff who will advise you.Our strength is indeed the assistance provided by Mr. Alfonso Cristofanelli,which advises on the purchase and implementation of models,as well as make use of craftsmen and technicians for the construction and repair of your models.By Rocri snc you can find everything you need for the most demanding model makers,if you are a fan of modeling,come and visit us and you will find all the desires for your hobby.Offers and unbeatable prices of the best Italian and foreign brands,the best model and hobby.Boats and ships in kits by Mantua,Corel,Amati,Panart,Sergal,Mamoli,Artesania Latina,Occre,Billing Boats.Plans and construction plans for sailboats,accessories and fittings for static models,decorations,ornaments and stands for ships,galleons assembly kit.

Static display model boats kits model boat and ship plans wood assembly kit Amati Corel Mantua Mamoli Artesania Billing Boats
  • Plan set and construction plans
    <p>Construction plans and plan set,model boat and ship plans on scale,for static model boat kits,illustrations,booklet,instructions manual,specifications,details,descriptions,codes,by Amati,Corel,Mantua,Mamoli.</p>
  • Model boat kits
    Static display model kits,scale assembly kit,boats and vessels,quality wooden model boat and ship. The best brands for static models like Amati,Victory Models,Corel,Mantua,Panart,Sergal,Mamoli,Artesania Latina,Billing Boats and Occre. Assembly kit contains plans,decorations,fittings,accessories and wood to build your boat model.
  • Wooden model kits
    Wood and metal model assembly kits,on scale models of buildings,weapons,coaches,bus and animals by Amati,Mantua,Artesania Latina,Occre,quality model kit for beginners and experienced to collect.

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