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HM Endeavour Bark 1768 1:50 Scale

Manufacturer Corel code SM41


HM Endeavour

British brig, 1768

This was the first exploration vessel of which we have reasonably accurate data today.
When the ENDEAVOUR set sail from Plymouth - on 26 August 1768 under the command of the famous captain James Cook, there were 94 people aboard, including officers, scientists, crew and men-servants.
Before its purchase by the British Navy, the ENDEAVOUR had carried coal from England to Scandinavia under the name Earl of Pembroke.
The Admiralty refitted out the ship for scientific exploration: the masts were replaced, the hull was relined and a large number of guns were installed.
The box contains everything necessary to construct the model.

Scale 1:50 Lenght 750 mm Height 650 mm

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