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Mayflower 1620 pilgrims galleon 1:60 Scale

Manufacturer Amati code AM1413


Mayflower English Galeon 1620

In 1620 the English galleon Mayflower set out from the English port of Southampton with 102 pilgrims on board.

Because of bad weather, the crossing took 77 days.

On December 21 the ship landed at what is today Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Amati's Mayflower kit includes keel, precut wooden frames and decks, wooden strips for planking and grating, all wooden and metal accessories and fittings, decoration and windows are printed on special paper, wooden dowels for masts and yards, rope for rigging, flags and sail material.

A detailed instruction booklet and large plans will make construction thoroughly enjoyable.

Scale 1:60 Length: 650 mm

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