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About us

Alfonso Cristofanelli

From 1937 to 1950 we were "The Doll Hospital", the point of service, support and repair for dolls,as well a shop for toys, model makers and  hobby.

Since 1950 we are a shop focused on static model boats with the best brands.

Our strength is that Mr. Alfonso Cristofanelli supports ours customers with advises on the purchase and during the construction process.

By Rocri srl it’s possible to find everything a model maker needs.



Our products are:


Static model kit:

Boat and sailing ship assembly kits  (Mantua, Corel, Amati, Panart, Sergal, Mamoli, Artesania Latina, Occre, Billing Boats)

Hand made and industrial ready boats and vessels models

Plan set and construction plans for boats and vessels

Fittings, decorations and accessories for  boats and vessels

Cast set, ornaments and wooden bases for sailing ships

Plastic assembly kits and soldiers by the best brands

Assembly wooden kits

Assembly kits by Domus Kit and Aedes Ars

Die cast model cars for collectors,wide range of scales and brands

Miniatures and figures to paint and collect


Materials for models making and architecture:

Strips and rods of fine woods



Copper, brass, stainless sections, profiles and plates

Poliplat, cardboard and plastic materials

All the products range by Prochima

Tools for models

Power tools

Materials for architectural models and dioramas

Glues, paints, brushes and airbrushes, compressors,  thinners, stucco

The whole range of characters and animals by Schleich

Puzzle and much more

Model railways:

Start set

Locomotives, passenger cars, wagons

Tracks and accessories

Bases for model railways

Figures, set, buildings, materials and complements on scale


You can also order custom models and dioramas finely made.

You can pay by credit card, paypal and  money transfer.

Shipping all around the world.


For info send an email to and we'll be happy to provide the requested informations.