Robert E Lee Mississippi Steam Boat

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Robert E Lee Mississippi Steam Boat 1870 1:50 Scale

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Robert E Lee Mississippi Steam Boat

The first highways in America were the great rivers, which permitted the growth of commerce and transport.

The advent of steam and a brilliant idea of Fulton and Livingston, first builders of riverboats, permitted the upstream navigation on rivers.

The search for speed inspired marvellous competitions.

One of the most famous races is that between Natchez and Robert E. Lee, held in 1870 between New Orleans and Saint Louis.

After 750 miles of water the Robert E. Lee won the race, covering the distance in 3 days, 18 hours and 14 minutes.

Kit includes solid wooden hull; machine turned smokestacks; photo-etched brass stanchions and decorations; white metal windows, doors, paddlewheels; wooden planking for deck and cabin; metal accessories; plans and detailed instructions.

Scale 1:50 Length: 600 mm

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