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Le Tonnant 18th Century Privateer Corvette 1:50 Scale

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18th century privateer corvette

In the last quarter of the 18th century, privateers were generally small fast merchant vessels. Carrying a large area of sail and highly armed with small calibre guns, unlike “pirate” ships, these vessels flew their national flag.
The corvette TONNANT, a late 18th century French privateer, was particuarly representative of this class of vessel.
The fragmentary nature of the historical information available to us does not allow us to trace a complete history of this vessel and the fact that several sailing ships of this period bore the same name (for example, the much more famous 80-gunner which was sunk at Abukir in 1798) makes it difficult to be certain that any references actually refer to this ship.

Scale 1:50 Lenght 860 mm Height 595 mm
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