Hunter Q-Ship

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Hunter Q Ship merchant armed schooner 1:60 Scale

Manufacturer Amati code AM1450


Hunter Q-Ship

This model represents a merchant ship, armed as a schooner, built at the beginning of the last century and mainly used as a collier.

The Hunter was fistly owned by the British Merchant Navy.

Then the Royal Navy took it over for its sailing qualities especially fit for the North Seas and decided to transform it into a Q-ship, when war broke out.

As all other Q-ships it underwent changes at the dockyard of Queenstown, Ireland (that's why they were called Q-ship).

It was equipped with false structures that concealed its deckweaponry.

This structure could be easily removed and the hidden deck guns could be used to fire against the enemy, especially submarines.

This Amati kit boasts the the following features:
Precut wooden frame assembly.
Single planked hull construction in Walnut.
Planked Tanganyka decks.
Hull and deck fittings made from Brass, Walnut, Boxwood, and Beech.
Where appropriate, decorative detail is from cast metal
Ramin mast and yards
Various sizes of cord for standing and running rigging.
Walnut deadeyes and Walnut or Boxwood rigging blocks.
Multi language instruction manual.
Full sized profile and plan drawings with detail sheets to aid construction.

Scale 1:60 Length: 580 mm