Prins Willem

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Prins Willem 17th century Dutch vessel 1:100 Scale

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Prins Willem

17th century Dutch vessel

The PRINS WILLEM was probably the largest square stern ship of the fleet of the Dutch East India Company.
Fitted out at Middleburg in 1649-1650, the Prins Willem was subsequently modified for use as a warship.
In addition to demolishing the forecastle and the stern bulkhead, 6 firing ports were added, three on each side.
For a brief period, the PrinsWillem was the flagship of the famous Admiral Witte de Witt. Returned later to the Company, it once again traded with the Indies between 1653 and 1660. Our model is a detailed and faithful reconstruction of the ship fitted out by the Dutch East India Company for commercial traffic.

Scale 1:100 Lenght 735 mm Height 580 mm

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