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Pinta 1492 Columbus caravel 1:65 Scale

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The "Pinta" together with the Nina and the Santa Maria, formed the fleet for the voyage of discovery led by Christopher Columbus.

She was originally lateen rigged with one mast square rigged (caravela redonda) but was refitted just 10 days into the expedition leaving just the rear mast lateen rigged.

There are not many contemporary evidences on the two caravels, except for the few oblique references that can be found in a resume of Columbus Journal.

Nevertheless two things are pretty sure: both ships belonged to the Pinzon family and at the very beginning both of them had lateen sails.

Then during the first stop at the Canary Island the Pinta replaced its lateen sails with square sails.

This operation, together with the substitution of the mast delayed the departure of four weeks.

Columbus always referred to Niña and Pinta as the Caravels.

The Pinta includes all wooden and metal accessories; laser cut wooden keel, frames and decks; sails and flags; wooden planking; masts and riggings; construction plans and instructions

Scale 1:65 Length: 450 mm

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