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From Prochima all materials for modeling, prototyping, fine arts, do it yourself, design, molding, repair and construction of cars, motorcycles and boats, building and architectural restoration.
Polyester resins and epoxy, epoxy curatives, tissue ribbons and fibers of glass, carbon and Kevlar, adhesives, mastics and adhesives, release agents for molds, additives for resins and fiberglass, silicon rubbers for casting and malleable for molds and casts, latex rubber and emulsions, polyurethane foams ESPAK and soft, dyes and pigments, ceramic and plaster Marmorina, modeling clay, plasticine models, sculptures, and master, pulps of pure wax, casting materials for reproduction objects, polyurethane elastomers, metal fluid pourable, polyurethane liquid, lead toy soldiers, casting resin, quick-hardening, transparent polyester for inclusion of objects, white ceramic castable cold, microspheres for filling and sanding.

PROCHIMA,Polyester resins epoxy,fiberglass,carbon and Kevlar,silicon rubbers,polyurethane foams,metal fluid,wax,ceramic

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